Nomenclature Index

By Species or By Fox Class


This index is updated as new sequences become available to the Fox Nomenclature Committee. Look here for current names.




Name Request

To request a name for an unpublished sequence please submit the following information to Dr. Daniel E. Martínez at


·       Species name

·       Complete amino acid sequence

·       Accession number (if available)

·       Comments that may help in the identification of your sequence (e.g. presumed homology, cytogenetic location, expression pattern, etc.).

·       Please include a phylogenetic tree if available.


Names will be assigned to sequences based on phylogenetic analyses. Please note that unpublished sequences will be treated confidentially.



Genes & Development Tree

This phylogenetic tree was published by the Fox Nomenclature Committee on Genes and Development (ref. below). Since the publication of this tree new sequences have been published and a few names have been changed. We recommend to consult the "Nomenclature Index" for current names.

Kaestner K. H. , W. Knöchel, and D. E. Martínez, 2000. Unified nomenclature for the Winged Helix/Forkhead transcription factors. Genes & Development 14: 142-146.


Latest Tree


This tree is updated as new sequences become available to the Fox Nomenclature Committee. More than one sequence per protein may be present in this tree, so please refer to the Fox name to determine identity

Pruned Trees by Class

These trees include only one sequence per protein. That is, sequences of the same protein submitted under different accession numbers are only represented once. These trees are drawn as "phylograms", i.e., rooted trees with branch lengths indicating amounts of evolutionary change between nodes.

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